Offset Animation gets stomped. Here is how to solve it in UWP Creators Update

In Windows Anniversary update Windows Composition and XAML introduced new features of implicit animations and to support that made some policy/behavior changes on how visuals are shared among platform and the framework. Essentially both platform and framework started sharing properties on same interop visual which made it super easy for developers to animate layout [more…]

UWP Connected Animations updates with Windows Creators release

Context is one of the most important things that helps us understand what is going on, without context things become crazy and prone to interpretation. Think about it if you were writing a piece of code where you have to show something on the screen you will need context to get the right information or to understand what information to get. If a friend of yours start to talk about moon travel and how great experience it was for him, you will definitely stop him right there as ask for some context to make sense of it all.

Similarly in UX when user navigates from one page to another to consume more information about a specific topic or item they require some context to help them be comfortable in their new surroundings and to make sense of it. ConnectedAnimationService provide a rich set of APIs for Windows UWP developers to create beautiful and engaging experiences which help users maintain context as they navigate to consume content. [more..]

Create custom page transitions with Windows Creators Update

Have you ever wonder what would happen if things suddenly show up and disappear in front of you, you will be surprised right? Similarly Apps consist of so many objects/Controls and pages, if they did the same thing i.e. appear and disappear suddenly then users will be surprised and it will be an awful experience. Apps consist of different pages to create an IA (Information Architecture) that helps users to easily understand different aspects of the app and consume content. Transitioning from one page to another is an experience which in inevitable and is experienced by all users. Page transitions are one of the most critical animation as it helps users to orient themselves and understand new page which is coming into view and what to expect, providing a great user experience and making it seamless will make users feel in control and be in love with your application…more…

Immerse users in your app

We want users to love our apps and use it everyday and rave about them. When we go to a brick and mortar store or a shopping complex or restaurants first impressions matter, we make some assumptions about the place and start shaping our expectations. In same way when users launch an app they also set expectations based on what app shows as it starts up…more…